Vertical Roller Mill Technology Advantage

Vertical Roller Mill Technology Advantage

The superfine Vertical roller mill technology advantage

Users in flour production, in determining the fineness of grinding material and finished product size, must choose the right machine, use our company production of superfine grinding machine for grinding powder production, has good economic benefit and low cost technology advantage. Users in flour production and determined the fineness of Vertical roller material and finished product size to choose the right after milling equipment, use our company production of superfine grinding machine for grinding powder production, has good economic benefit and low cost technology advantage.

Vertical roller mill better economy benefit

Company production of superfine vertical roller mill is suitable for used in the production of finished product fineness of 400 mesh to 650 mesh size of ultrafine powder, so tiny powder fineness, delicate machine structure. It employs the principle of multiple classifier, and each of the rotor adopts frequency conversion to adjust speed, this design makes the finished product fineness in the selected range can easily implement, no second choice. The precision design for improvement of the machine finished product fineness precision but also improve the economic efficiency of the machine, at the same time relative to the same case for other mill, it can save energy by 30% to 30%, excellent economic benefit.

Vertical roller mill operation cost is low

Vertical roller mill machine in the process of production use a lot of costs is the artificial cost, the high degree of automation of vertical roller mill equipment, saves the manpower costs, make cost down. Besides, wear-resistant parts of wear in the mill is also a big costs, superfine material bed is in the vertical mill used grinding principle, the material between the roller and grinding disc, that there is no contact between the two, thus reduce the wear loss of equipment, reduce the operation cost, flip the other roller can be used and it is also a great save.

Vertical roller mill grinding efficiency is high

Vertical roller mill machine USES is expected bed grinding principle, the grinding technology is by far the highest grinding efficiency. Host machine adopts frequency conversion to adjust speed, can apply to many kinds of material of grinding. Ultrafine special roller set in vertical mill and mill design, makes the machine easier than ordinary vertical grinding machine to form material layer, thereby increasing the grinding powder grinding efficiency of equipment.

Vertical roller mill finished product quality excellent

Superfine materials vertical roller mill grinding fineness of finished product was homogeneous, and high purity. Material in the iron grinding machine equipment, the easily mixed with iron filings, cause the finished product contains iron, and grinding machine used grinding principle of material bed, soon after grinding material in the material bed can be taken away, and reduce the residence time of material inside the machine, reduce duplication of abrasion rate, thus reduces iron content in the finished product, the product purity would improve.