Vertical Roller Mill Production Line Equipment

Vertical Roller Mill Production Line Equipment

The role of each vertical roller mill production line supporting equipment

Vertical Roller Mill production line is now used more and more widely, not just in the field of mineral milling in power plant desulfurization, metallurgy, chemical industry, refractories, building materials and other industries have been vigorously applied, a full mill production line need not only mill equipment, also need the support of other ancillary equipment. Now, I look for everyone to resolve the role of the mill production line of various equipment.

Vertical Roller Mill production line is used for grinding bulk materials into small particles powder technology, production processes need to cooperate across numerous mills and other ancillary equipment. Well, I'll give you details about the vertical roller mill resolve other ancillary equipment production lines as well as its specific role in the production line. A complete vertical roller mill production line includes, in order are: bucket elevator, hopper, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, milling machine, the Analytical Engine, pulse dust collector. So, they are in the production line plays what role?

Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is a use of a belt or chain my tractor vertical lifting device, in vertical roller mill production lines is expected, granular, powdery materials for upgrading transport, its lifting height of about 10 -80m. Transport capacity, tightness, safe and reliable operation, low energy consumption, is one of the indispensable equipment mill production line.


Vertical Roller Mill silo abrasive warehouse for temporary storage of materials used in the device, according to the requirements, in order to reduce pressure on the material of the tank, requiring silo discharge port shall not exceed the width of a quarter, the flow velocity of the material inside the silo control In 6-18m / min. Note that the rear wall of the hopper inclination is preferably designed as 55-65 degrees, thus ensuring the smooth discharge of the material.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is used to supply the material evenly from the storage silo or other storage device or material to the subject of quantitative feeding equipment, the feeder is divided into open and closed type, vertical grinding mill production line in general Selection closed, can prevent dust pollution. The equipment used for milling production line can be uniformly adjusted to the ore, it is widely used.

Analysis Machine

Vertical Roller Mill for grinding of powders of different particle size were graded according to elect qualified powder. High analysis accuracy of vertical roller mill analysis machine, it can make the powder is fully dispersed, to obtain a small particle size grade, high-grade precision powder, is the preferred grading equipment.

Pulse dust collector

It is a highly efficient dust collection means for collecting powder vertical roller mill hosts, with the elimination of dust pollution and improve the environment, recycling materials and other effects in mill production lines.