Ultrafine Mill Provide

Ultrafine Mill Provide

Maintenance method of silicon carbide ultrafine mill

  1. 1, silicon carbide, ultrafine mill in milling process, should be fixed personnel responsible for supervision, the operator must possess certain technical level, the second must make the necessary technical training to operators, make them understand the principle of silicon carbide ultrafine mill performance, familiar with the operation procedures, to make the operator control of silicon carbide ultrafine mill.
  2. 2, silicon carbide, ultrafine mill use after a period of time, should carry on maintenance, downtime, meanwhile ultrafine silicon carbide grinding roller and grinding ring, shovel, etc for maintenance and replacement parts, processing, roller device is in use for connecting bolt and nut should be examined before and after, to see whether there is loose phenomenon, lubricating oil whether add sufficient, if not, please handle immediately.
  3. 3, silicon carbide ultrafine mill device using time more than 500 hours, should replace grinding roller, the roller set inside of the rolling bearing must be cleaned and to replace damaged parts should be timely, refueling tool manual pumps and grease gun can be used for refueling.
  4. 4. In order to guarantee the normal grinding and toner requirements of the silicon carbide ultrafine mill, the scrap limit of the grinding ring of silicon carbide superfine grinding roller shall be no less than 10mm for the remaining grinding ring small wall thickness. Once the wall thickness of the grinding ring is found to be less than 10mm, it is necessary to change the grinding ring of the grinder immediately so as not to affect the powder effect.
  5. 5, in need of silicon carbide ultrafine mill to stop using, should first stop the feeder feeding, the host can't stop, continue to work, make the residual grinding abrasive continue, until completion of the mill content from the inside, can shut down a host motor and analyzer machine, stop the grinding work, later to stop the fan motor, so that the net residual powder.

Sic ultrafine mill in use process, will appear all sorts of problems, so the prevention in advance is very important, both to reduce the enterprise's losses, and can make the silicon carbide ultrafine mill to extend the service life, kill two birds with one stone.

SCM series ultrafine mill is an expert in by my company after years of production on the basis of traditional micro powder mill for technological innovation, the grinding equipment of various technical indicators are greatly improved compared with the traditional micro powder mill, it is a new type ultrafine mill of high efficiency and energy saving. The ultrafine mill is suitable for crushing mohs hardness such as barite, limestone, ceramic, slag is not greater than 9.3, and the humidity below 8% of non flammable and explosive mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials industry more than 280 kinds of materials such as high fine milling processing, finished product size to adjust the range 80-425 mesh.

SCM ultrafine powder mill is also called the ultrafine mill and the micro powder grinding grinding indoor, roller assembly through the cross arm shaft mounted on the roller hanger, roller hanger and spindle and shovel head fixed connection, pressure spring by pull rod tightly in roller bearing chamber on the outside of the cantilever end, cross arm shaft, for support, by spring pressure roller tightly pressed on the inside of ring round surface, when the motor through a transmission device rotation, perfectly on the shovel head the shovel and roller synchronous rotation, roller in the inner circle on the surface of ring rolling around its own rotation at the same time, the analysis of the machine is driven by motor drive analysis machine impeller rotation, the analysis of the machine speed adjustment decision of powder fineness.

SCM series ultrafine mill for use of cautions

  1. 1, to make the ultrafine mill operating normally, should set up ", "maintenance equipment safety operation system equipment to ensure safe operation of the grinding machine long-term, at the same time to have the necessary maintenance tools and grease and the corresponding accessories.
  2. 2, SCM series ultrafine mill device using time more than 500 hours to replace the roller, the roller set inside of the rolling bearing must be clean, the damaged parts should be replaced in a timely manner, refueling tools available manual pumps.
  3. 3. In the process of use, there should be a fixed staff in charge of supervision, and operators must have certain technical skills.
  4. 4, use after a period of time, should for maintenance. At the same time for roller shovel knife of ring replacement/repair parts processing, such as roller device is in use for connecting bolt and nut should be examined before and after, to see whether there is loose phenomenon, lubricating oils are added.

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Ultra-fine milling machine four core strengths

The new design of the ultrafine mill wheel grinding curve, more to enhance the grinding efficiency. In the finished product fineness and power of the same circumstances, the production capacity than the air mill, stirring grinding 40% higher than the ball mill production is more than doubled. While the system's energy consumption is only 30% of the air mill.

Ultra-fine grinding using German technology to produce cage-type powder machine to improve the efficiency of powder selection, the other can be based on user output, fineness, through the sieve rate of demand for multi-head cage separator configuration. Product fineness can be between 325 mesh -2500 mesh between the arbitrary regulation, product fineness can reach d97 ≤ 5μm.

Because there is no rolling bearing within the grinding chamber, no screws, so there is no bearing and its seal vulnerable to the problem, there is no loosening of the screw and damage the machine. While the ultrafine mill spindle is partially lubricated and can be operated externally without downtime, 24 hours without downtime.

The ultra-fine grinding with high efficiency of the pulse dust collector, the entire equipment operation process without dust pollution, configure the silencer and its sound room, reduce environmental noise, in full accordance with the national environmental standards to organize production. Muffler use can effectively reduce dust pollution and noise, in line with national environmental standards, the surrounding environment pollution.

Extend the service life of ultrafine mill

The service life of the ultrafine mill depends largely on the service life of the wearing parts. Parts of the wear and tear because the wear-resistant parts directly contact with the broken material friction, the material will be grinding at the same time, the equipment will cause some wear and tear. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the use of its life is very short, and in improper use, it will cause greater damage. Some parts are replaced and updated for a few weeks or even a week. Of course, we can not rule out special circumstances. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of ultrafine mill, we should also pay attention to the wearing of wearing parts, and timely updates.