Wear Parts for the vertical roller mill

Types of wear parts for the vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill type of wear parts and material and function is introduced

In ore grinding powder production industry, flour mill of wear-resistant parts replacement for users is a relatively big spending, so wear parts for the many users want to know the relevant information, such as type, material, etc., in order to make corresponding measures to reduce costs, and this article is based on customer's requirements to wear parts for the brief introduction of vertical roller mill for you information. In the manufacture of vertical roller mill, in order to make the vertical abrasive wear parts replacement cost reduction, we took a lot of kinds of measures, these measures are heavily dependent on cut large pieces of wear-resistant parts cut into small pieces, and then install inside the vertical grinding machine parts, direct contact and material to achieve when wear parts wear, only need to replace the worn parts can achieve the purpose of normal flour production, and the following is to introduce vertical roller mill of wear parts.

In the vertical mill, the number of wear parts are many, but a lot of wear parts are all belong to one type, such as roller cover, mill and keep-off change, etc. Wear-resistant parts of the above, the number of roller sleeve is only two, respectively installed on the roller; While the number of mill has a lot of, mill is composed of many small piece of a millstone accessories, these parts are fixed on a tray on the surface, and then can be combined to get the mill vertical mill, and the material is on the mill by flour; Baffle plate is installed around the millstone, ran out of the mill to prevent powder material and install a accessories, it is a whole.

Company in the development of vertical roller mill, mill, roller set and keep-off plate is high hardness materials, such as the roller sleeve and mill use high manganese steel, and baffle plate is used is a kind of common steel, are the material choice, is because the roller set and direct contact with mill and material, used for material grinding pressure is bigger, its wear also is bigger, so need to be more hard material to produce, and baffle plate has contact with the material, but its wear and tear is not very serious, general steel could meet the requirements.

Should be installed in the mill wear-resistant parts, mainly in order to protect the other parts of the roller mill from wear and tear, and the final purpose is to reduce the failure rate of the products, take the high roller, roller sleeve is mainly in order to protect the roller assembly other accessories, don't let it be material wear, and achieve the purpose of flour, and users also understand, replace a roller sleeve than to replace the whole roller assembly need to spend much less money, this is the role of wear parts.