The new ultrafine Raymond mill

The new ultrafine Raymond mill

Raymond Mill System

Raymond mill machine talc powder industry development will be mainly to high reliability, energy saving, accurate, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control direction. It can be used SCR power supply, AC variable speed, centralized grease lubrication, shock absorption and other measures, and condition monitoring and computer control Raymond mill and other devices. From a practical project in order to ensure the quality of talc milled and improve production efficiency departure designed an automatic feed control system; the supply of the product to achieve uniformity of materials so that the mills in the best-load operation, preventing the blocking machine and idling phenomenon, and its failure to reduce the mill and improve milling quality, energy yield significant effect, mainly introduces the principle of Raymond machine and automatic feed control are discussed in Raymond Mill machine design process of the detailed design methods and practical design considerations need to be considered: change of product development achievements have been put to use, easy to operate, fully functional, reliable performance, it has been widely praised by users.

Raymond mill is currently very rapid development of the industry into the new century, China's major milling companies intensify scientific and technological innovation. Because the product upgrading is a necessary condition for the development of enterprises. Raymond mill manufacturing industry in order to obtain long-term development, technological innovation must be at the forefront of industry. The new Raymond mill used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries, product size in the same circumstances, than the other series of high milling yield, high utilization of wearing parts. In the same material and product size, the service life of wearing parts is higher than in other mining machinery, and efficient environmental protection products, reflecting the Raymond mill combine development and environmental protection of new ideas.

The rapid development of modern industrial production and manufacturing technology, has greatly enhanced the importance of ultrafine powder materials market. The new ultra-fine powder materials have become the core of most of the industrial manufacturing of upstream materials, the scope of the capsule almost scraping the production and manufacturing sectors all light and heavy industry. Raymond mill ultrafine powder material physics as ultra-fine powders prepared by the process of the most important equipment, with the ultra-fine powder material production and constantly optimistic economic prospects, will gradually Raymond mill sales market occupy more market share. Over the years, the master of ultra-fine powder processing technology equipment, the traditional Raymond mill application process, various issues arise thorough technological innovations. We grind it was found in the use of traditional Raymond mill, Raymond mill in the processing of calcite class ore, 325 heads of 10um slag contains a large number of ultra-fine slag, if it can be separated and expand production, will greatly improve efficiency.

The main sources of industry ultrafine powder material is metal and nonmetal organic matter mineralization as well as some other common zinc oxide, molybdenum powder, magnesium and other metal mineralization ultra-fine powder, and like kaolin powder, talcum powder, fluorite powder, gypsum powder, bentonite powder, ultra-fine powder of non-metallic mineralization. These special processing technology made of ultrafine powder material, with a very wide applicability of production, most of which are directly used for industrial products, processing and production. And through a special modification, we can exponentially expand its field of use. Many new industrial product uses ultra-fine powder material as an additive greatly improving the product of the original strength, elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature, anti-aging, anti-radiation properties, while the production cost is greatly reduced.