Quarry Crusher in Jaw Crusher

The application advantages of quarry crusher in jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher is commonly coarse crusher equipment, suitable for crushing hard materials or the hardness of the material, is a quarry crushing equipment is essential. Jaw crusher for primary quarry, the main chunk of stone is crusher into smaller pieces for aggregate, it has a simple structure, is not broken, reliable performance and low operating cost advantages.

Jaw Crusher in the quarry crusher applications, mainly to use curvilinear extruded chunks of hard rock crushing principle will be broken into smaller pieces of stone can be used. When it works, the motor belt driven through V-belt and sheave eccentric shaft, so that the jaw in accordance with the predetermined trajectory reciprocate, will enter the fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and side sheeting crushing cavity composed of materials broken, then discharged through the lower discharge opening. Widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

Super crushing force, our jaw crusher can break up the compressive strength 280Mpa ores, rock, slag, etc., especially suitable for crushing such as basalt, river pebbles and other very hard stone, it is the first choice of quarry crusher stone crushing.

Stable performance quarry Jaw Crusher

Our company produces the European version Jaw Crusher bearing using integrated cast steel structure, to ensure full cooperation with the broken frame, greatly increase the radial strength of the bearing, so that the body structure has higher stability; more advanced move jaw assembly adopts high-quality steel castings are more durable, and the use of heavy eccentric shaft forging billet for processing, so that the jaw crusher has greater reliability and stability.

Jaw Crusher quarry advanced manufacturing design technology

PEW series Jaw Crusher uses world-class design and manufacturing process; using the most advanced four-link mechanical design theory; "V" type of crushing cavity and tooth fender design; the trajectory of the movable jaw and cavity conduct optimized to maximize production rate and crushing.

Wedge adjustment and hydraulic clean cavity Powerful

We use a wedge crusher jaw discharge opening regulation system, even in the case of idling can be within minutes of the nesting population transferred to a predetermined value; automated hydraulic system, hydraulic clearing system not only ensures lubrication for machine parts oil, but also to protect the safe operation of the machine. With our infrastructure surge in demand for stone, quarry investment start-up scene more clear, on start-up process and the desired quarry crushing equipment, screening equipment, as well as start-up and other quarry crusher workflow and document issues, please consult our jaw broken machine manufacturer.