River Gravel Crushing Production Line

River Gravel Crushing Production Line

River pebbles Profile

The formation of river pebbles: a natural river pebble stone, taken from the experienced crustal movement after millions of years ago by the ancient riverbed gravel mountain uplift produced, experiencing the impact of flash floods, water removal process of continuous extrusion, friction. River gravel crushing production line equipment include jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and so on. River pebbles compressive strength: cobblestone surface finish 98%, compressive strength 600 Kg / M2 or more. River pebbles uses: architectural, sand, transformers. Mainly local: river waters. Hardness: 7.5 Mohs hardness river pebbles density: bulk density of 1.85 t / m3. Category: Natural colors mechanisms river gravel, river gravel, stone, stone dry stick, stencilled stone, landscaping stone, petrified wood, culture stone, natural color marble rice and other decorative building materials and interior decoration of advanced staining sand, Non-toxic, tasteless, non-marking.

River gravel crushing production process

China's large river gravel resources, vary. Therefore, when configuring the device, abrasion resistance in the first place should the program. Large size can refer to the granite and basalt crushing; small particle size of the need for pre-screening, in order to reduce production costs.

River pebble crushing principle

Chunks of river gravel material through the feeder into the jaw crusher for the initial crushing. After the early break, these materials are transported to cone crusher for secondary crushing. Under normal circumstances, we will provide river gravel crushing and screening production line equipped with multiple levels shaker, he is the separation of materials into different size classes of core equipment. After crushing the material to meet the requirements will be fed into the hopper, and the rest re-enter the cone crusher finer crushing.

River gravel crushing Case Analysis

The following river pebbles to 200mm example: raw materials in the warehouse via pre-screening feeders, belt conveyor to a vibrating screen, larger than 40mm material into the cone crusher crushing, breaking into the vertical impact crusher carried 5-40mm into 0-5mm direct the finished sand washing machine after cleaning. Vibrating sieve on cone break the crushed product, more than 40mm of return cone crusher broken again, to form a closed loop, less than breaking into the vertical impact crusher of 40mm. Vertical impact broke out on feed 3 vibrating sieve, more than 20mm of return vertical impact crushing break, to form a closed loop, less than 20mm of material delivered to the finished material stack through the belt, according to the cleanliness of the raw materials could be considered 0-5mm of material sent to sand washing machine cleaning.

River gravel crushing production line

River gravel crushing production line main equipment includes vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, vibrating screen, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical shaft impact broken and sand washing machines. River gravel production processes and more to 0-40mm gravel (gravel) as raw materials in the production line configuration using vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine), this crusher is our new Sand, with high crushing efficiency ( with a crushing, coarse grinding function), simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, low operating costs, excellent product grain shape (a cube, flakiness content is extremely low) characteristics.