Improve The Vertical Roller Mill Production

Improve The Vertical Roller Mill Production

How to improve the vertical roller mill production

Vertical Roller Mill equipment makes use coal, cement and other industries brought great development, the emergence of vertical mill has brought new hope. In the production process, the user wants to obtain a high yield, then, how it can improve its yield? Vertical mill easy to use, it is simple and easy to adjust, so in general production, can be applied to the grinding equipment. However, users have reported that, in the milling machine which, sometimes low yield situation, however, to solve the problem yields must know its production with what factors.

What factors influence the production of vertical roller mill

In actual operation, many factors affect the vertical roller mill equipment production, which affect the hardness of the material to its great. When the harder material, the more difficult milling, and the more serious the production process of the machine wear. Humidity of materials will have a huge impact effects. When the moisture contained in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere to the mill contents, but also easy to jam during the next conveying very affecting production.

Fineness required size of materials to a certain extent also affect the yield. When asked fineness higher, which requires vertical mill mill out the finer material, the milling capacity is smaller. In addition, the material composition, vertical mill before grinding, the more powder material contained in, the more yield mill. Because the powder is easy to adhere to, the impact of transport, there will be some impact on production. So much for the amount of fines should advance once sieve.

Of course, wearing parts (hammer, etc.) better abrasion resistance mill, the greater its milling capacity; but if the machine does not wear, will affect the mill capacity. Want to improve vertical roller mill equipment production capacity, we should do more than a few reasons to start, and then increase it further. First, the user should be based on different production, to determine the requirements of the finished product fineness. When finer fineness required, the longer milling time, it should be as much as possible under crushing less grinding conditions, increase mill production.

In particular production, added material vertical roller mill inside, have a certain humidity and hardness requirements, must meet the standards, so as to increase production mill. And the quality of the grinding roller and grinding ring is also an important factor affecting the mill output, when the better the quality, the more grinding material effect on full production efficiency is high. If you want to increase productivity, then you would choose a good mill products, but also pay attention to its maintenance and repair, and wish to increase production in order to achieve a certain degree.